Sirolo was a VIII - IX century Feudal Castle, today you can still see its original castle feature, the watch tower, the old Centro Storico (Historical Centre) and its original wall surrounding the town centre. It is located by the slopes of Monte Conero at about 370 feet (125 m.) above sea level, overlooking an endless coast-line as far as your eyes can reach, with-in the typical Mediterranean flora and its secluded beaches.

Tourists arriving in Sirolo for the first time are are recommended to visit the Ufficio Turistico in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in order to obtain helpful information i.e. local transport for in and around towns, railway stations and airports, all Hotels, B&B, Pensioni, Camping and local apartments, boats excursions to the local bays from the touristic harbour in Numana, walking-hiking, mountain biking, riding excursions to the Parco del Conero, modern theatre and opera, local handcraft, food and wine producers, festival events and folklore like (Medieval Festival in Offagna) and others near towns, religious tour to the worldwide known Shrine of Loreto, archaeology, exploring one of the largest Caves in Europe Frasassi Caves (Grotte di Frasassi) and also local caves in Camerano, Osimo, and out-door sports like the prestigious Conero Golf Cours of Sirolo and many more useful information.

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Since 1994 every year without failing, Sirolo has been awarded with the European Blue Flag which represents clean sea water, pure ecosystem and high sandard services. It is also partly due to the local Council Administration who have contributed to preserve the environment and nature which is still untouched. Sirolo is a tourist resort which offers hospitality to all type of tourism.